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Interested in volunteering for Quantal Energy?

Everyone plays an important part in this work. Make your intentions real by volunteering your skills in physics, mechanical/electrical engineering, machining, programming, fundraising, grant writing, advertising, accounting, computer hardware, graphics design and website development, etc. Find out more, contact us!

Meet Some of our Volunteers

Dale Jordan


Dale is a contractor, designer, and fabricator. He handles lab facilities maintenance at Quantal Energy. Contact Dale: djordan@quantalenergy.org.

Calder Rossi

Calder Rossi

Calder Rossi is a self-employed electrician, MA license 14152-B.
He lives in Greenfield, MA and has volunteered his services wiring Quantal Energy's lab. Contact Calder here.

Isabella Dell'Olio

Isabella Dell'Olio

Isabella is a volunteer graphics designer at Quantal Energy. She was responsible for designing the latest QE brochure.

Left quote

"I was very happy to offer my designer's skills to Quantal Energy Inc. This organization is conducting such an important research. As the mother of two young children, I am excited about this work because I believe it will make this world a better place. The team is very dedicated and I admire them." Isabella Dell'Olio
Contact Isabella here.

Jason Messier

Jason Messier

Jason graduated in electrical engineering from Springfield Technical Community College and U-Mass in Amherst, MA. He worked in R & D for 20 years in the Pioneer Valley and is currently a system level designer in a local company; Jason is actively involved in research work at Quantal Energy.  Contact Jason here.

Manasi Patil

Manasi teaches middle school Physical Science and Earth Science, and high school Physics in a Charter school of Science and Technology in the Pioneer Valley. She has a BA in Physics from the University of Mumbai, India, and a Master's Degree in Physics from the University of New Hampshire, Durham. Manasi moved to Western Massachusetts in 2010 and was looking for avenues to get involved in the community outside of her professional life. In her own words

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"At Quantal Energy I found the perfect opportunity to be part of a highly dedicated research team and to utilize and develop my research skills."  Contact Manasi here.

Wayland Myers

Wayland Myers

Wayland Myers is a professional consultant on enterprise SEO strategy, marketing communications, web development, business strategy, user interface design, and corporate branding.
He has worked for Fortune 500 companies like Kodak and Expedia, Inc, and currently owns a private search marketing consulting firm and an internet property development company (that means they build online businesses!).



Darcy Dwyer

Darcy Dwyer

Darcy is a recent graduate of Smith College, majoring in Engineering Science with a concentration in energy efficiency and sustainability and minoring in Middle East Studies. She was also a four-year member of Smith's ice hockey team. A native of Winchester, MA, she first became interested in renewable energy as a volunteer at the Museum of Science in Boston. In the fall, Darcy plans to travel to Kuwait as a Fulbright Fellow. Her research proposal is titled "Harvesting Solar Energy for Homes Suffering Blackouts."
Darcy's current location: Washington, DC (until 1 October 2011) and then Kuwait (1 October 2011 - 15 August 2012).
Contact Darcy here.

Jason Ross

Jason Ross has a BSc in Mechanical Engineering, was a previous member of ASME, has worked as a Research and Development Engineer for a Massachusetts electronics engineering company, as a Software Quality Assurance Engineer for a Hong Kong company and in the business to business industry. In addition to being part of the research team at QE Jason served on the Board of Directors as Secretary/Clerk until June 30th 2012 when he moved to Maine.
Contact Jason here.

Jesse Doane

With a Bachelors of Arts from Hampshire College, concentrating in computer science, artificial intelligence and with a professional background in web programming, Jesse maintained the Quantal Energy website, updating content and trouble shooting. He also performed tech support, plus hardware and software upgrades for our computer systems. Contact Jesse here.

Kalyan Uprichard

During early developmental stages of the organization, through research and analysis of existing bylaws of similar organizations, Kalyan was an important member of the team which applied those implementations in the design of the Quantal Energy bylaws. Contact Kaylan here.

Dr. Michael B Martell Jr.

Michael Martell

Michael holds a Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics (2006) from Norwich University and is a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT VT 2005). He went on to obtain a Masters of Science in Mechnical Engineering and Mathematics (2008) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. His work focused on increasing fuel efficiency in, and reducing pollution from ocean-borne vessels. Michael successfully defended his dissertation in Theoretical & Computational fluid dynamics at U-Mass in Amherst, MA, in March 2012 . His areas of research include computational fluid dynamics, turbulence modeling, and high performance computing.
At QE, he performed computational physics modeling using Xoopic and OpenFOAM. He contributed to QE website development.

Tameron Josbeck

Tameron holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (2007) from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Tameron is a certified Engineer-in-Training (EIT). He is concerned with environmental issues such as power generation systems and sustainable water supplies. Tameron is a past member of Engineers Without Borders. He is a research assistant and lab technician volunteer at Quantal Energy. Contact Tameron here.

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